Z Line Feliz Glass L Desk for Gaming and Office Setup

The Z Line Feliz Glass L is a great choice for those who want a high-quality gaming desk with lots of room to keep computer peripherals. The desk is made of robust steel and tempered glass materials which give it a solid and sleek look. 

This also makes the Z Line Feliz Desk different since most desks are made from engineered wood. Glass, on the other hand, is more rigid and sturdy than engineered wood. However, if it is not handled with care, it can break in an instant.

Another benefit of a glass desk is that you can easily clean off any spills off the surface. Any spills on a glass desk won’t stick or leave any stain - given you clean them quickly.

On the other hand, an engineered wood surface can develop water rings, bubbles and the surface itself can go uneven because of the spills over time.

Z Line Feliz Glass L Desk

Image Source - https://www.z-linedesigns.com

Keep in mind that kids shouldn’t play near glass desks since they can fall on them or cause them to break with their sudden movements. Although the tempered glass is sturdy and durable, it still needs to be handled with care.

Note that this desk is larger than most gaming desks you may have seen. Its L-shaped design requires twice the amount of space as required for a regular desk. So make sure to check the space in your room before clicking on the buy button. 

The desk comes in two designs - Feliz and Belaire. Feliz has thick black borders around the glass while the Belaire has clear glass with a metal frame around it that gives it a more minimalistic feeling.

Since it is a large desk, you can double it as your office desk as well. There is a lot of room to keep your office stuff as well as your gaming peripherals.

We really like that the company went the extra mile and provided a monitor stand and keyboard tray on the desk. This dedicated space makes it easy to organize your gaming setup. The keyboard tray also has extra space to keep your mouse. This provides an ergonomic position to stay comfortable even when gaming for long hours. Since this is an L-shaped desk, you can choose to put the keyboard tray on either of the sides.

The monitor shelf is elevated above the desk level for comfortable viewing and making sure you don’t suffer from neck pain after hours of use.

Note that the desk requires an assembly and comes with the necessary tools in the package itself. So you don’t need to spend hours figuring out which tools to buy and then spending extra money to buy those tools. Assembly is straight forward but takes time - about an hour from start to finish if you are mechanically savvy and physically strong. Most people would be better off having someone help with during assembly.

The desk measures 60 inches x 24 inches x 37 inches and has a total weight of 96.45 lbs. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is there to give you peace of mind when spending your hard earned money. 

The company also ensures that the desk comes in proper packaging. The glass shelves are kept in layers of cardboard and styrofoam which ensures they are delivered intact. The glass panels are packed in a cardboard box with plastic bands. This cardboard box containing the glass panels is packed with other components inside a bigger box. The main bigger box has heavy layers of styrofoam on the sides and corner bracing to ensure full protection of the desk. 

Overall, if you want a gaming desk with solid construction, large amounts of space and a design that isn’t boring, the Z-line is worth your money. Its sleek looking design combined with its utility features make it one of the best.


    •    Solid build quality

    •    Modern look

    •    Easy to assemble

    •    Affordable

    •    Spacious with L-shaped design

    •    Monitor shelf and keyboard tray                     included

    •    Instruction manual included

    •    Keyboard tray can be put on either               side of the desk

    •    Keyboard tray is removable


    •    Shelves can’t be taken off

    •    Fingerprints or dust marks easily                  show up on the glass material

    •    No dedicated design for cable                       management


What separates the Z Line Feliz Glass L Desk from its competitors is how much space it offers while not compromising on design. No gamers wants a gaming desk that looks old and boring and the Z Line Feliz takes care of just that. On top of that, it comes with a keyboard tray and monitor stand - features that aren’t there in half of the gaming desks, add in a good gaming chair and it would be a perfect setup!

Its L-shaped design allows you to make the most out of the available space in your home or office. The glass desktop doesn’t mind any spills, so you can get excited and move your body when you score a win, without holding back. It is little things like these that make the Z Line desk stand out. Of course, this sleek looking desk means business too - it is made with a robust steel frame that will last many years.

When pitched against similar gaming desks, like the Eureka  Ergonomic 60-inch L-shaped gaming desk, the Z Line stands out because of its sleek design and glass-fueled edgy look and a much larger surface that allows you to beef up your gaming setup.

updated on 15th may 2021.

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