Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000 Review & Buyers Guide

The Vertagear Racing Series SL5000 is a hell of a gaming chair - it has got many features that gamers look out for. For one, its bucket style design is what differentiates it from regular office chairs. We love that it comes with many adjustment features - more than you would expect. The chair has PVC faux leather material, which doesn’t get too hot in the summer. 

The benefit of PVC leather material is that it is thicker and sturdier than other faux leather materials. But it comes at a cost - PVC leather is less breathable than other types of leather. But the company has devised a counter for this. They have used a blend of open cell structure that makes the material more breathable.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000

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The material is soft so that you can stay comfortable while gaming for long hours. But it is also firm enough to support you ergonomically and help you maintain a healthy posture. It comes with tilt and adjustment features that ensure you don’t get tired easily. Users love the chair because of how premium it is. In fact, it is better in terms of quality than many high-end chairs in the market. It also looks way more expensive than it actually is.

The SL5000 comes in multiple color options with the basic color black in all of them. The colors include Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Red and Black/White. Many gamers like the Black/Red combination, because the color red is a symbol of passion and energy.

The armrests though, are made of plastic - which is some cost cutting done to provide better functionality. The positive thing is that they are adjustable - you can adjust them in four ways or directions - making sure you get the most comfortable fit. The 4D armrests are very useful when gaming for long hours - it changes your gaming experience entirely. You are able to move the arms where you need them and not lift them in an awkward position when working at different angles. The armrests also have divots in them, which allows you to rest your arms comfortably.

The chair comes with an optional headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. This means you can remove them when you want. These two are our favorites - for good reason. Both the pillows are adjustable for height - so no matter whether you want to use it or your roommate - you can change its fit to your body shape and size. 

Adjustable lumbar support can transform the way you play. Since the one thing that gamers hate is annoying back pain after those long gaming sessions. Although the head and lumbar pillows are removable, it is better if you don’t since the backrest is rather flat. 

The chair comes with clear instructions for assembly. They explain the setup one step at a time and help you put the chair together in just half an hour. This is amazing since many chairs take forever to put together.

The packaging for the delivery is top-notch. Many users report how all the parts were properly packed with thick padding and a tight fit that doesn’t allow any extra movement during delivery. If you want to take the design up a notch, you can upgrade the chair with RGB lights. 

The amazing thing is that the RGB lights can be wirelessly controlled. The RGB lights further come with interactive modes such as audio and gameplay sync that take your gaming experience to the next level. But this is not all - the lights come with 16 million colors (yes, you read that right!) to match your mood.

The chair seat is height adjustable, there is a lever on the right that helps with easy adjustment. The reclining feature allows it to go from 80 degrees to 140 degrees. This is good and allows gamers to rest in between exhausting sessions. Its adjustable tilt system allows you to set the recline angle with a handy knob. This feature matches the recline angle with your body weight.

Note that the foam will be hard in the beginning and has a ‘break in’ period. So don’t worry about it if it feels too stiff when you use the chair for the first time. The caster wheels come with an auto-lock function, so you can sit in a stable position. You can also buy optional caster upgrades if you want.

If you are taller than average people, you would especially love this chair because of its high backrest. Many people taller than 6’ report how this chair was a godsend for them because of how comfortable it is. If you are heavy or obese, this chair won’t be good as it is already a snug fit for regular-sized people. 

The chair supports people up to 330 lbs. of weight and up to 6 ft. 4 in. of height. This weight capacity is mentioned in the actual specs sheet that comes with the chair, although the website says it can only support 260 lbs. of weight. 

The downside is that the armrests are not sturdy as much as you would expect them to be. As a result, they wobble a bit although it does not affect the ergonomics.

Many gamers also report how good the company’s customer service is. Many customers even had a brand new Vertagear chair delivered to their door even when they had a problem only with a single part.

As far as support is concerned, you don’t have to worry when buying from Vertagear. They have a manual for each of their gaming chairs on their official website. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section as well as a contact form. You can register your chair on their site if you want - but it is not required to file a claim on the warranty. 

When it comes to warranty, you can have peace of mind. The Vertagear gaming chairs come with a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on parts - a clear indication of how robust and durable they are.

Overall, the Vertagear SL5000 gaming chair is for those who want a chair with superior build quality and high levels of comfort at a reasonable price. It offers great value for money and even looks more expensive than it actually is.


    •    Superior build quality

    •    4D armrests

    •    80-140 degree recline

    •    330 lbs. load capacity

    •    Auto-locking caster wheels

    •    Seat is height adjustable

    •    Comfortable

    •    10 year warranty on frame

    •    2 year warranty on parts

    •    Responsive customer service


  • Armrests wobble a bit, not sturdy


The Vertagear SL5000 offers a lot of value and comfort for its price, which makes it worth it. It is neither too firm to be uncomfortable, nor too soft to lack ergonomics. It supports your entire body well. Its PVC leather material is also sturdier than other types of faux leather. It is also more breathable.

It comes with 4D armrests, an essential for optimal comfort in gaming chairs. Its premium features include auto-locking caster wheels, 330 lbs. Capacity and high backrest. Its headrest and lumbar pillows are also adjustable for height - a feature that isn’t there in a lot of the gaming chairs.

Vertagear made this chair cool with optional RGB lights, although that adds to its price. The RGB lights come with wireless controls, multiple modes and allow you to choose among 16 million colors.

Where it disappoints us is its plastic armrests that also wobble slightly. One would expect better quality control at the price. Vertagear also differentiates itself with premium foam padding that also drives up its cost.

On the positive side, you get a 10-year warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts to ensure long-term reliability.

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