Tribesigns Computer Gaming Desk – Buyers Guide

Tribesigns Computer Desk is the best gaming desk you can get for your gaming setup. Its unique design allows you to use the space in the most efficient way while still keeping an aesthetic look.

The desk is made from engineered wood and available in three colors - light walnut, dark walnut and black. Its vertical design has three levels to store your stuff in. The lower shelf, although originally made as a bookshelf can be used to keep your gaming accessories including speakers and what not. 

Tribesigns Computer Gaming Desk

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The desk stands out from other gaming desks because not only it has a large space but also because it has two additional shelves. We like that the desk comes with an extra large desk surface measuring 47.2 inches x 23.6 inches can accommodate two monitors and all the accessories you want.

Although two shelves sound great, there is a downside to having a shelf at the bottom. You cannot stretch your legs all the way out when you have been gaming for two hours and need a little stretch. If you are short though, you may be able to keep your feet on the lower shelf comfortably.

It also depends on your personal inclinations. If you are the type of person who doesn’t stretch their legs out like that, having a bottom shelf will be an advantage other desks won’t provide for you. The desk has rounded edges so that you don’t scrape against them and accidentally hurt yourself. The desk also comes with adjustable leg pads which make sure it remains stable on the floor.

The desk is easy to assemble too - you can set it up in just 20 minutes of time. The installation is pretty straight forward too - you won’t need to find any complex tools or browse through dozens of videos online to find the right instructions. It comes with assembly instructions, so it is really easy to get started with this desk. The pieces and hardware are labelled to avoid any confusion and potential damage while assembling.

This desk is also different from most gaming desks since it looks like an office desk. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a gaming desk - in fact it is one of the most aesthetically appealing desks we have found. This unique design is also good for those who are professionals by day and gamers by night.

It comes in highly protective packaging to ensure all parts including the desk as well as the fame remain intact. Some users complained that the assembly instructions are not that detailed and you end up guessing the missing steps in between. This is definitely an improvement the company should make if they don’t want more returns.

Overall, if you want a desk that does not look like most gaming desks but is still awesome, the Tribesigns Computer Desk is worth the money. It has a minimalistic look with clean angles. Some users love this desk because it has open shelves and lots of space for books.


    •    Good build quality

    •    Unique design

    •    Sturdy and durable

    •    Large surface area

    •    Rounded desk edges prevent scrapes           or scratches on your body

    •    Adjustable leg pads keep it stable

    •    Assembles in just 20 minutes

    •    Easy to clean

    •    Two shelves


    •    Shelves make it hard to stretch legs             full

    •    Assembly instructions could be more           visual and detailed


The Tribesigns Computer Gaming Desk is good for those who want a desk with a lot of space and multiple shelves. Since it is made from engineered wood top and metal legs, it is also sturdy and will last a long time. Its 0.6 inches thick desktop can hold your heaviest of monitors (yes, more than one) without wobbling or any sideways movement. 

Its variety of colors allow you to pick one that matches your style and room decor. It is also easy to assemble and comes with instructions that are easy to follow. The amazing thing is that its unique design also allows you to use it as your office desk.

So when you buy the Tribesigns Gaming Desk, you get a sturdy gaming desk that can accommodate all your gaming components and more. The best part is, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

When compared to other desks in the segment, the Tribesigns Computer Desks stands out because it is sturdier and has better utility features than its competitors.

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