Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair 2020-21 Review & Buyers Guide

Secretlab Titan is a compelling option for those who want a premium gaming chair in the mid-range budget. It offers a lot of adjustability, comfort and looks better than many of its competitors. It feels premium and you wouldn’t expect anything less for its price tag. 

The Secretlab Titan comes in two sizes - a regular and XL. The regular size is good for people weighing up to 290 pounds and having a height of 5 ft 9 in. to 6 ft. 7 in. This range is good for most people. However, for heavier people, the Titan XL offers a height range of 5 ft. 11 in. to 6 ft. 10 in. and weight capacity of 390 lbs.

Secretlab Titan Chair

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There are some gaming chairs that are made with PU leather, others are made with fabric upholstery. But the Secretlab Titan chair isn’t restricted to any single option. It offers you three types of materials to choose from: PU Leather, softweave fabric or legit Napa leather, which is used in high-end automobiles. 

Secretlab has gone all in when it comes to innovation in design. They have also created theme-based design editions such as Batman and Joker, and chairs based on the different houses from Games of Thrones. It is clear that the company wants to push the envelope when it comes to design.

If you also want to use your gaming chair during your zoom calls, you can buy the softweave fabric version since it blends in just right. Also note that the PU Leather variant is the least expensive and the Napa Leather variant is the most expensive, putting the Softweave Fabric variant in the middle.

Although Secretlab chairs are high-quality, the company offers a long warranty for your peace of mind. There is a 3-year warranty right out of the box, but you can extend it to 5-years by posting the chair’s photos on social media. It is also cool that you can return the chair within 49 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. But keep in mind that you will have to bear the shipping costs yourself, which won’t be small by any chance.

The Titan is designed like a racing style gaming chair with side curves that provide a snug fit. It is different from the bucket style design in many other gaming chairs, which can feel limiting at times. The Titan is also meant for taller people. If you are shorter than 6 ft. you are better off buying the Secretlab Omega. 

The chair is fully adjustable - since that is a key indicator of comfort. You can adjust the height up or down by four inches. The tilting mechanism works in two ways - it can be locked in position or it can be freed to allow unrestricted rocking. The Titan also comes with built-in adjustable lumbar support - which is much better than a lumbar pillow that is seen on most gaming chairs. 

There is a knob on the side that allows you to adjust the depth of the lumbar support. In other words, you can expand or contract the part of the seat that touches your lower back. In addition, there is a lever that allows you to set the angle - anywhere from 85 degrees to 165 degrees with the tilt unlocked. The recline also comes with a high-grade spring system to ensure smooth movement.

The chair comes with a memory foam pillow which conforms to the curvature of your neck and head to provide maximum support. The memory foam comes with a cooling gel coating on top which helps ensure that you don’t get hot and sweaty after long hours of gaming.

Another crucial adjustability option is in the arm rests. The Titan comes with 4D armrests which means you can adjust them in four directions. They can be moved left, right, up, down, forward, backward, angled right and angled left. So when you want to use a remote controller, you can move them all the way back. 

And when you want to lean back, you can move them all the way down. Having such adjustability guards you against neck pain or muscle soreness since you don’t have to sit in an awkward position to support yourself.

The armrests come with concave PU padding that support your arms and enhance the comfort levels.

What also helps lean back is the fact that the Titan’s backrest is really long. It supports your entire back, no matter how tall you are. This helps you regain energy quickly after an exhausting gaming session.

The Titan is a solid and durable chait. Its aluminum base can last for years and has a lot of structural rigidity to support your weight consistently. It has extra-large PU caster wheels which are quiet and don’t damage your floor.

One thing to note is that the Titan doesn’t feel plush - with the kind of padding that Joey and Chandler enjoyed in Friends while watching reruns of Baywatch. It is neither too firm nor too soft. It supports you but doesn’t feel so comfortable that you want to sleep in it. Its padding is high-density, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at any point.

The PU Leather version of the chair is not very breathable. You will have to turn up air conditioning in summers - for sure. The chair tends to get warm, so it is a bit of a bummer. You can put beverages on your desk to fight the heat, but be sure to not spill them on the PU Leather as the company clearly warns against it. If you opt for the PU leather variant, you don’t need to worry about spills as you will do with the softweave fabric variant.

If you have back problems, Titan’s padding will help you maintain the right posture. Its backrest lets you sit in an almost upright position. This, in turn, allows you to avoid slouching, the main reason behind back pain. 

Overall, the Secretlab Titan is a masterpiece. It has everything made out exactly how pro gamers would like it to be. It is durable, comfortable and practical.


    •    Superb build quality

    •    4D armrests

    •    85 to 165 degree recline

    •    Multi-tilt mechanism

    •    XL PU caster wheels

    •    Sturdy aluminum base

    •    5-year warranty

    •    Memory foam headrest pillow with                 cooling gel

    •    Built-in adjustable lumbar support


  • PU leather is not breathable
  • over the years the PU leather peels          out..


Another ace from the vault of SecretLab, the Titan is one of the finest gaming chairs out there. Whether you are a pro gamer looking for a chair for the long-term or a beginner who wants to know what quality feels like, the Titan will surpass your expectations.

With 4D adjustable armrests, tilt mechanism, wide recline range and built-in lumbar adjustment system, there is no other chair that comes close to the Titan when it comes to providing comfort. Even the headrest pillow is made out of memory foam and comes with cooling gel to ensure you don’t sweat profusely during summers and power through gaming marathons with ease.

The seat on the Titan is medium-firm - which is what we recommend you should buy for optimal posture and comfort. It is also reasonably breathable despite being made from leather.

We weigh a chair by the attention to detail that the company puts into making a product. And the Titan fares well in our test - even its armrests come with concave PU padding to provide unparalleled levels of comfort.

What differentiates the Titan from 99% of the gaming chairs is you can customize it to your liking. It comes in three variants: SoftWeave fabric, Prime 2.0 PU Leather and Napa Leather. 

The SoftWeave fabric variant is highly breathable and allows you to get super comfortable. The Prime 2.0 PU Leather variant handles spills brilliantly and is four times sturdier than regular PU leather. The Napa Leather is used in luxury automobiles and hence offers a premium experience. 

With so much value on offer, the Titan clearly outdoes almost every other gaming chair.

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