SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair Review & Buyers Guide 2021

The SecretLab Omega is really comfortable, more so than you would expect. We found that it promotes better posture and its side wings don’t hinder the natural position of your shoulders and allow you to lean back comfortably.

The chair is made with PU leather outside and foam material inside. The cushioning is neither too stiff nor too soft. This is good since if the padding is stiff, your body can hurt and can get sore. The company has focused a lot on its design too. The chair comes with a matte finish on its leather which ensures that you don’t sweat and get hot during summer.

SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair

The surround edges on the seat are shaped in a concave form and don’t bend or mold as you sit on them. But you will get used to this stiffness. It will only become a problem if you want to sit curled up in the chair with your knees pulled up - this would only be possible if the chair surface had no side edges.

The chair’s material is not only high-quality from the front, but also from the behind. It feels very sturdy and durable - a detail we don’t see in many chairs in this budget. It won’t scrape or get a mark if it rubs against a wall or anything else while moving the chair. If you have a canine at home, he or she won’t be able to leave any marks on the leather - easily.

The chair comes with 4D armrests - so you can adjust them literally any way you want to take the comfort to the next level. You can change the height using chrome paddles and move them sideways, toward you or away from you by using the inside trigger. There is an additional button that allows you to have the armrests directed away or inwards while maintaining a preferred angle. The armrests padding is on the stiff side, but you will get used to it.

The SecretLab Omega chair also comes with unique designs that stand out from the competition. While most gaming chairs with designs printed on them, the SecretLab Omega chair comes with embroidered designs that give it a subtle sense of beauty and a premium feeling which is rare in gaming chairs.

You can easily recline the chair when you want to rest and sit in a more upright position when you want to annihilate your opponents in the game.

There is a reason SecretLab makes better quality chairs than most of its competitors. It eliminates any retailers or distributors so that the cost of distribution goes into delivering a premium product to the customer at a better price than their competitors.

The chair comes with multi-functional tilt mechanisms which helps you stay comfortable during long hours of gaming. It reclines up to 165 degrees which allows you to lean back and doze off when you want. 

Its foam is also high-density - its high density foam keeps you comfy and cozy. Each foam piece is constructed carefully with a rigid cold curing process. The foam pieces are not cut, but molded individually. The foam is a bit stiff but this also makes it more durable over the long-term.

The chair also has high-quality head and lumbar cushions to keep you supported. Both are made with memory foam - they are so comfortable that you can even take a nap on them. However, the head and lumbar pillows don’t stay in place so it becomes hard to adjust them for better comfort. 

Assembling the SecretLab Omega is not hard at all. Although it would be better with two people, even a single person can do it by themselves. Assembly takes about 30 minutes. The armrests come already installed and the rest of the chair can be assembled with the instructions supplied. The instructions are easy to follow and at no point you will be confused with the assembly.

There is a little oversight in design that can confuse the users during assembly. There is a warning sign that tells you not to touch the recline lever when you first unbox the chair. But the irony is that the warning sticker is so big that you can’t see the component (recline lever) that you are not supposed to touch. 

The chair has PU caster wheels that make zero noise while moving and allow you full freedom of movement. The chair is impressively quiet too - so you can enjoy late night gameplays without disturbing your roommates or family members.

People who work from home like this a lot as they can work on it the entire day and then use it in the evening for gaming too. This isn’t possible with a lot of gaming chairs because of lack of comfort. The stitching on the edges around the embroidery really shines through and shows the level of work has gone into building each chair. 

If you are buying a SecretLab chair, you better be prepared to be seated in an extra tall chair - something you probably have never used before. They are also a bit big for small rooms. The SecretLab Omega is, in fact, the company’s smallest gaming chair. But you don’t have to worry about size. You can enter your height and weight on the site and find your perfect fit.

Keep in mind that the SecretLab Omega is good for people up to 5’11”. If you are any taller, you should check out the SecretLab Titan, which accommodates people with heights ranging from 5’9” to 6’11”. A benefit of the SecretLab Omega is that it has a lower seat height than the Titan. So if your desk height is lower than average, the Omega gaming chair may be a better fit for you.

Where the SecretLab Titan stands out is its adjustable lumbar support, which is a step ahead than the lumbar pillow provided in the SecretLab Omega. The Titan is also more spacious, so if you are big, it may be better suited for you. The Omega is for those who prefer a snug fit.

Overall, the SecretLab Omega is a superior gaming chair in the mid-range. Its comfort levels are unmatched and its full-range adjustability means you can customize its comfort to your liking.

omega gaming chair 2021


  • Amazing adjustability options
  • Superb build quality, Resistant to scrapes
  • Stays cool and dry during summer
  • Doubles as an office/gaming chair
  • Head and lumbar pillow
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Long-term warranty, Value for money


  • Armrest padding is firm, takes time to get used to
  • Head pillow can’t be adjusted for height


SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair is a full-fledged gaming chair that doesn’t compromise on anything. It stands out from the competition because it is fully adjustable and more comfortable. It allows you to sit longer hours without feeling signs of discomfort. if you are looking for a budget friendly gaming chair then we suggest to check the homall gaming chair right away! 

One way it accomplishes this is via its 4D adjustable armrests which allow gamers to sit comfortably no matter whether they’re leaning back, leaning to the side or sitting upright. Simply put, it is better quality than its counterparts. we also like the other secretlab gaming chair series titan if you are looking for a bigger version of omega chair.

Its embroidered design also makes it stand out in a sea of other chairs. It just feels more premium and more real - exactly what gamers want. It is also versatile - you can use it in your zoom meetings without having your boss doubt your professional attitude.

Its leather feels premium and the two cushions keep your back and head rested comfortably. It isn’t very cushiony or spongy - it is a bit firm which is good for posture. So if you want a chair that feels very soft, this chair is not for you.

What seals the deal for interested customers is the long-term warranty on offer. SecretLab offers up to 5 years of extended warranty which gives you peace of mind when parting with your hard-earned money. This is what differentiates it from most other gaming chairs.

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