Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk Review & Buyers Guide

Mr Ironstone Gaming desk is built to deliver on the expectations of every passionate gamer. It can accommodate up to 110 lbs. of weight. This means you can put all your gaming components on this desk without worrying about its stability. This desk has a unique but minimalistic design that makes it appealing to gamers. It comes with a beverage holder to keep you refreshed during those long gaming sessions and a headphone hook to have a handy place to keep your headphones.

It is made with a sturdy steel frame with MDF PVC laminated desktop. MDF is a high-quality material that is more sturdy than plywood. It is a high-grade composite material and usually has a smooth finish because it is made with small particles. 

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk Gamer Workstation

The desk is made with a robust R-frame design with rigid metal legs that allow the desk to hold large amounts of weight without any hassles. The R-style design keeps the desk stable and gives better support to the weight on the desktop. 

The desk also has adjustable leg pads which keep the desk stable and eliminate wobbling even on uneven ground. We also like that the metal pieces are sturdy but also light weight. This makes the desk stable but also lighter to handle during assembly.

The desk is easy to assemble and the assembly tools are supplied in the package. It also comes with clear instructions that make assembly a breeze. Since the desktop is made of MDF PVC laminated, it is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. So if you happen to spill your coffee or snacks, it would take just a few seconds to clean it up and resume gaming.

We also like how the company has focused on cable management and designed the desk to make it as efficient and minimalistic as possible. There are holes in the front which keep your cables sorted and don’t let them get entangled in a messy way. The desk is high enough to provide enough leg room. The desk has a curved edge in the front which makes it comfortable for your wrists. 

The desk is not huge though. It is just 45 inches in width, so you can’t have an extravagant setup with this desk with dozens of gaming components. The desk is wide enough to keep your keyboard and mouse at a comfortable distance. Even though the surface area isn’t huge, you can still keep two monitors to have an immersive gaming experience. 

The company also has responsive customer service. You can reach out to them via email and they are active 24 hours of the day. Several customers reported how the service representatives were able to resolve their queries and issues promptly. One customer reported a smudge mark on their desk and informed the company. They refunded their money without asking any questions.

The desk is quick to set up - you can get it ready within 20-30 minutes of unboxing. It will be better if you ask someone for help during assembly to fasten the process. This is great since many gaming desks take 1 to 2 hours for assembly. The company also puts a lot of thought into its packaging and makes sure that the desk does not get damaged. 

We like that the desk is robust but its metal frame does not look bulky like other desks. It is large enough to keep two monitors, keyboard, mouse and a large mouse pad. Basically, it is the perfect desk for gamers who want something compact yet awesome.

Dimensions: 45.3" W x 29" D x 30.5” H

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk Gamer Workstation


  • Solid build quality
  • Space for two monitors plus additional stuff
  • Good desk height
  • Leg pads for stability, Stable, no wobbling.
  • Durable & Easy and quick to assemble
  • Tools included & Clean cable management


  • A bit small as compared to other desks
  • can have more options of holder


Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk is for those who want a lean but mean gaming machine. Despite its compact size, The Ironstone desk is good for dual monitor gaming setup. Its sturdy construction ensures that you can use it for a long time even as your gaming prowess develops and refines with time. we also like the flexispot gaming desk which you can using standing as well with a good gaming chair.

When it comes to quality, nothing is more telling than the little details that improve the overall product experience. And this is why this desk is better than most of its competitors in the price segment. From multi-layered, thick protective packaging to stability leg pads and accessory racks, every detail of the Ironstone desk shows quality and the power of design. 

With the two cable management holes, it makes sure that you never see a mess on the desktop and maintain a clean, minimalistic look. There is a slight curve in the middle that guards the aggressive gamers against scraping and injury.

Another stand-out feature is its R-shaped frame design which makes it capable of holding more weight than other desks and also makes it more stable than other T-shaped desks.

This is not for those who want to fit three monitors since it is not that large and doesn’t have a huge length. But if you want a compact gaming desk with the best utility features and a minimalistic setup at an affordable price - the Ironstone gaming desk is your best bet.

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