LG 38GL950G-B 38 Inch UltraGear Nano IPS 1 ms Curved Gaming Monitor

If you want a gaming monitor and want nothing but the best, the LG 38G950G-B is worth your consideration. It comes with many attractive features that make it #1 on our list. This LG monitor has also garnered thousands of positive reviews on online shopping sites like Amazon which shows how good it is.

This gaming monitor comes with a 38-inches display with a curved design. It offers a screen resolution of 3840 x 1600 pixels and IPS display, which is far better than LED displays. Its Nano IPS display comes with a response time of 1 millisecond, the best you can get for the price. Nano IPS display encompasses 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color area, which is comparable to the quality of color production in Hollywood films.

LG 38GL950G-B 38 Inch UltraGear Nano IPS 1 ms Curved Gaming Monitor

This monitor comes with Nvidia G-Sync technology that delivers the smoothest and fastest gaming experience known to man. G-Sync is amazing because it synchronizes display refresh rates with the GPU of your PC. This removes any screen tearing, reduces display stutter and input lag. This ensures that you don’t miss any frames and have a lag-free gaming experience.

But this monitor is not just about the best technology, its design is also one of the best. From the curved 4K display to the LED lights on the back, this monitor makes you fall in love with it really fast. Its sharp and aggressive design is targeted toward gamers. The monitor also comes with good color contrast. The red finish on the base matches the red exhaust vents on the top. It is also a head turner, so be prepared to talk about it with your friends or colleagues.

Its large size allows you to immerse yourself during each game. The circular LED light on the rear gives it a high-tech look, almost as if it was designed by none other than Elon Musk.

The monitor is quiet - this is because it does not come with a fan. But you should not worry about this since the monitor does not get too hot, even without a fan. The monitor has ambient lights on the back, but it can get too bright sometimes to have a reflection on walls and desk surface.

Although it looks sleek, it isn’t a thin monitor at all. It measures 2.3 inches at its thickest. 

The monitor comes with a lot of adjustability. One can adjust its height by simply moving it up and down across the cylinder-shaped arm. This provides a height adjustment from 17.8 inches to 22 inches - good enough range to suit gamers of all heights. Adjusting the height is easy as the monitor slides smoothly along the cylindrical arm. 

You can adjust the vertical angle to move the monitor either up or down. But there is no swivel function, so you have to adjust your chair to get the best viewing angle. Also, the company claims that the screen can pivot, but it actually does not, which is misleading on their part.

The monitor is easy to put together. You can have it ready to use within just 10 minutes. Pretty cool. There are just three parts to connect together - the display, the cylindrical arm with a mount and the V-shaped base. Keep in mind that this beast is pretty large and finding enough space to keep it can be a challenge if you don’t make space for it prior to assembly.

Now, let’s look at the monitor’s ports and interface. It comes with one HDMI port and one full size DisplayPort for external video output. To connect your CPU to the monitor, you have to use an upstream Type-B USB 3.0 port. Two downstream USB 3.0 ports allow you to charge phones and other devices. There is also a regular jack to connect your headphones or mic. However, the two aren’t separate, so if you stream on Twitch or YouTube, better get a splitter to make things work.

The monitor fares well when gaming - its 144Hz refresh rate can be clocked to 175 Hz to produce the best visuals possible. Its 1 ms response time also makes its screen very rich. No matter which game you play, the details are always very sharp - more so than what you see on most monitors.

The display is also very bright at 544 nits of brightness at its peak. This makes it a lot brighter than other monitors like Samsung CHG70 which have a peak brightness level of 364 nits. It has a color accuracy score of 0.24 (Delta E), which is excellent (this score should be as close to zero as possible). 

The monitor comes with six preset modes - each provides a different use. You can adjust response time and refresh rate. FPS and RTS settings allow you to speed up the gameplay. It also allows you to switch to ‘Reader’ or ‘sRGB’ mode when you are not playing any games. The monitor has an app called LG UltraGear Control Center, which allows you to easily access and change these settings.

The monitor is near perfect, but it is also very expensive. If you want a similar monitor but at a cheaper price, check out the Acer Predator X34. It comes with a 3440 x 1400 resolution and G-sync.

LG 38GL950G-B 38 Inch UltraGear Nano IPS 1 ms Curved Gaming Monitor


  • 38-inch curved display
  • Rear RGB ambient lights
  • Clear 3840 x 1600 resolution
  • High refresh rate 144 Hz to 175 Hz
  • Nvidia G-Sync compatible
  • Accessible adjustment options
  • Vertical angle can be adjusted


  • No swiveling
  • No USB-C port,No speakers inside


Overall, this is an amazing gaming monitor - the best money can buy. Its 4k resolution, i.e. 3840 x 1600, is unmatched in performance. If you are looking for an ultrawide monitor with IPS panel technology and a large screen, the LG 38GL950G-B is a compelling option. Its 38 inch screen and 21:9 aspect ratio provide an immersive gaming experience that gives its competitors a run for their money. 

We love its motion handling, which is excellent thanks to its amazing response time and an impressive 175 Hz refresh rate that keeps things fluid and smooth. Its FreeSync as well as G-sync compatibility make graphics smooth and vivid - giving you the best of both worlds. The RGB lights on the rear are a head-turner and create a pleasant ambiance. Add to that its curved design and angled lines, you have a monitor that is second to none.

The only areas of improvement are its low contrast ratio, the backlight bleed i.e. light leaking around its edges, which makes it mediocre for dark gaming spaces. However, its HDR rendering is good and the Picture-in-Picture mode is excellent for streamers and multi-taskers.

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