Homall Gaming Chair High Back Review & Buyers Guide

Homall Gaming Chair is one of the best in the market. Not only is it affordable, but it also comes with many features that make it value for money. The chair is made out of PU leather with high density shaping foam inside. This makes the chair comfortable to sit on even for long hours of time.

The material has good levels of elasticity, resilience to stay intact long-term and service life. The PU leather material is resistant to wear and tear and doesn’t damage your skin from long hours of sitting, which is usual for gamers. 

homall gaming chair

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At first glance, the chair looks sharp. There are eight colors to choose from, so you will certainly find the one you want and that compliments your room decor.

The chair has an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs. This is especially good since the chair is very affordable and yet sturdy enough to hold this amount of weight. It comes with rubber caster wheels on the bottom to help you move and change positions. It has 360 degree swivel and multi-directional wheels that allow freedom of movement. The caster wheels move quietly so that you can be focused yet free to move when the game gets intense. 

The chair itself weighs 57.3 lbs, which shows that it is sturdy and heavy-duty. You can rest assured that it will last for many years - a feat not many budget gaming chairs are capable of.

It has a good recline function that allows you to go from 90 degree angle to 180 degrees. The best part of the recline is that it comes with a tilt locking mechanism that allies easy recline adjustment and locks in place easily without any time-consuming technicalities. 

This means you can easily relax after an intense and exhausting gaming session. And if you are so inclined, you can even take a quick nap to recharge your batteries. Homall has emphasized on comfort with the design of this chair and it is apparent with the various comfort features. The chair has a rocking function too - so you can rock back and forth. 

This Homall Chair is made to accommodate people of all sizes. Its height can be adjusted from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. The chair comes with Class 3 gas lift that helps it accomplish this function. Class 3 is a classification of hydraulic lift that helps adjust the height of the chair. Hydraulic lifts can fall in Classes 1 to 4. So having Class 3 lift at this price is pretty awesome.

As you can see from the product photos, the chair also comes with a head pillow and a lumbar cushion. This ensures that you feel supported from your lower back all the way to your shoulders, neck and head. This arrangement helps you play for hours on, killing your enemies, winning each game without feeling tired or sore.

This gaming chair is easy to assemble - it takes about half an hour to set it up. There aren’t a lot of parts so setting it up is easy and quick.

Users love how comfortable the chair is. It actually blew our minds during testing too. At this price, there isn’t any other gaming chair as comfortable as this one. Some users find the head cushion and lumbar pillow a bit stiff, but they get better with time as there is a “breaking into” period with these cushions.

Another impressive thing about the Homall gaming chair is its high backrest. This makes it especially good for people with back or shoulder pain. People as tall as 6’2” have love the chair because of how comfortable it is.

On the downside, the chair is a bit top heavy. So when you move it around with a sudden jerk or try to pick up something that falls on the floor while sitting, it will tend to tip over. So one has to be careful while handling it. This is also due to the fact that it has a small base and a large seat. 

Another area of improvement is the armrests. They are comfy but it would be better if they were adjustable. A single size doesn’t always work for different people, so adjustment options are somewhat necessary. 

Finally, the Homall Chair isn’t an ergonomics masterpiece. But it offers overwhelming value for its price - it is comfortable, stylish and sturdy. Its design gives some of the expensive chairs a run for their money.

The back support is connected to the base using two hinges instead of one which makes its construction more sturdy than other similar chairs in the market. Customers love how secure and stable the chair makes them feel while gaming. This is even more important for intense gamers who tend to get aggressive and don’t hold back their emotions while gaming.

Overall, the Homall Gaming Chair is the best chair you can buy on a budget. It looks better than many expensive chairs, has many adjustability and comfort features and can hold a large amount of weight. It is also sturdy and durable - rare quality in affordable gaming chairs. if you want to see the other list of chairs we feel are worthy then you can check this list


    •    Good build quality

    •    Easy to assemble

    •    Height adjustment

    •    Reclines from 90-180 degrees

    •    Tilt locking function

    •    Caster wheels for free movement

    •    Can support up to 300 lbs.

    •    Neck and lumbar pillow for all-day                 gaming

    •    Value for money


  •     A bit stiff, has a break-in period
  • the PC quality is not that good and you should not use any kind of liquid for cleaning like water.
  • Durability compare to brands like secretlab Chairs is hard to get but still you get what you pay.


There are only a few chairs that rule the budget segment and the Homall Gaming Chair is one of them. Homall knew that the real challenge is to provide gamers a reliable and comfortable chair on a budget. They solved exactly that with the Homall Gaming Chair. 

Sure it doesn’t come with adjustable armrests but then we are not complaining. If adjustability is a priority, the GTRacing Gaming chair is a compelling alternative or the Secretlab Titan if you are ready to pay for quality.

However, one shouldn’t underestimate the Homall Gaming Chair. It gives a tough competition to the more expensive GTRacing Gaming chair with its more dense foam padding which means it will retain its shape over a longer period of time than in comparison.

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