GTracing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers Review & Buyers Guide

GTRacing Gaming Chair is one of the better chairs in the market. If you want some cool tech features in your gaming chair, this is the one to go for. It has two bluetooth speakers which give you surround sound to give you an immersive gaming experience. The GTracing gaming chair can also be connected to your smartphone, tablet or other bluetooth enabled devices. 

It is also worth noting that the bluetooth connectivity of the speakers is really good. Its range can go far across the house. The speakers are positioned at the back of the head part. This means you can play your Spotify or YouTube playlist and jam to your favorite tracks during gameplay. The bluetooth speakers can run nonstop for 6 hours. So you can power up multiple gaming sessions on a single charge. However, we don’t recommend that you buy the chair exclusively because of the speakers. They have a decent sound, and at the budget you should not expect much.

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The chair is made out of PU leather upholstery with thick padded cushion inside that allows you to play for long hours without getting tired or sore in your back or buttocks. When you sit on the chair, everything feels sturdy and good quality - the backrest, the seat cushion and the arm rests. The chair can support 300 lbs. of weight, which means gamers of almost all sizes can sit and enjoy its comfort. The chair itself weighs just 50 lbs. so it is easy to move when you need to transport it or put it in your car trunk.

We like that it comes with adjustable armrests. This allows gamers of all sizes to find the most comfortable position to sit in. The seat can also be adjusted for height, so no matter how short or tall you are, this chair will be comfortable for you. 

The seat can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 170 degrees in recline. This gives you enough freedom to relax while playing for long hours. It also has a rocking function so you can rock it back and forth when it gets kind of boring to sit in one position for a long time. The 360 degree swivel gives you freedom of movement in case you want to move around in between or pick up some stuff at a distance without standing up.

It comes with a removable headrest cushion so you can have the best of both worlds. Some gamers prefer a headrest cushion while others don’t. The chair comes with easy instructions for assembly. You can do the assembly from unpacking to finish within 30 to 45 minutes. This is really great since nobody wants to spend hours to get started with their gaming chair.

Customers also caution that you should properly tighten the screws that fix the back to the chair. Otherwise the chair would start wobbling after a period of time. It is also worth noting that the new model of this chair is less puffy which promotes better and natural posture. 

Many gamers also love how comfortable the chair is for doing other tasks like taking online classes or working from home - yes, the pandemic has shown how valuable these chairs are!

Note that the shoulder rest design is a bit different - it has wings on both sides where one would rest the shoulders. This design may not be a good fit for all, especially if you have broad shoulders. However, many gamers like this feature because it keeps you supported from the sides.

Customers also report how the customer service of this company is fast and responsive. If you have any issues or queries related to the product, they will be resolved promptly.

Overall, the GTRacing Gaming chair is one of the best. It stands out from the rest because of its adjustable arm rests. It seems like a small difference but it really adds up when you are gaming every day and want a better position for your arms. It also comes with clear and precise assembly instructions which helps you get started fast.


    •    Good build quality

    •    Adjustable armrests

    •    Bluetooth speakers

    •    Large bluetooth range

    •    Comfortable padding

    •    Reclines 90-170 degrees

    •    Rocking function

    •    Swivels for free movement

    •    Easy to assemble

    •    Assembly takes just 30-45 mins


    •     Bluetooth speakers aren’t high                      quality


GTRacing Gaming Chair is better than other chairs in its segment because of how well-made and comfortable it is. Getting adjustable armrests under $200 seemed like a pipe dream before GTRacing broke the market with their gaming chair. 

If you are new to gaming chairs, adjustable armrests can skyrocket your comfort levels since it is your arms that are hanging when you change posture. Its comfort is further amplified with a height adjustable seat and a 170 degree recline. The chair also has a rocking function to allow freedom of movement.

It also differentiates itself from the rest with its bluetooth speakers. Although they aren’t premium quality, they don’t suck either. You get to “feel” every hit and blow in your chair which allows you to immerse and enjoy the game to the fullest. They also come with a large bluetooth range which helps you stay connected even if you take a bathroom break or go away for a while. Its sturdy PU leather construction and 300 lbs. capacity are also admirable.

Build quality, unmatched comfort and unique features make the GTRacing chair a winner in the budget segment.

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