GreenForest Corner Gaming Desk Review & Buyers Guide

GreenForest Corner Gaming Desk is perfect for those who want a larger desk area than what you get on most gaming desks. It is significantly large with 58.1 inches length from left to right. 

The desk is made out of high-quality P2 particle board. This may sound like average quality, but is actually good. If you don’t want particle board material, check out other desks in this list that are made with engineered wood and tempered glass. They will be a better fit for you.

GreenForest Corner Gaming Desk

It is an L-shaped desk with enough surface area to accommodate two monitors and plenty of gaming equipment. You can even buy two such gaming desks to build a U-shaped gaming setup for yourself and your buddies. But even a single desk is sufficient to accommodate three monitors. Even with that much load, it doesn’t wobble and stays firm.

The desk comes as a three-piece combination and fits easily in any corner of your home or office space. You can fit it in your bedroom too, because of its L-shaped design. It has a compact fit but offers a large working space. This is what makes the GreenForest Corner Gaming desk unique. Its legs are designed in a curved way that makes the desk blend in with any kind of interior design.

Even though it is large and can accommodate a lot, its design is clean and allows efficient cable management so that there is no clutter to spoil the vibe. Note that although the desk is large, there is no storage space built-in. Everything has to be kept on the desk itself.

Another thing that sets the GreenForest L-shaped desk apart is that it is more affordable than similar desks in the market. It doesn’t compromise on quality and offers high value for money. 

You can use the desk as per your preferences. One user put a table skirt around it to cover the open area. But if you want to stretch your legs, it would also be okay to keep it open.

Assembling the desk is easy and can be done by a single person. But having someone to help you with assembly would be more practical since you have to hold certain parts while screwing them in. The desk comes with instructions for the set up and they are easy to follow. 

The company provides all the tools required for assembly, so you don’t have to spend hours struggling with the ones you have. All parts and screws are numbered so that you can find the right parts at the right time when assembling the desk. Assembly is straight forward but you need to use the right Philips screwdriver to do it properly. 

Even at an affordable price, you get a sturdy and durable desk that will surpass your expectations when it comes to quality. It has lots of legroom underneath too, so users of all sizes will feel comfortable. 

Some users mentioned that they expected an average quality desk but were amazed after seeing its build quality. It doesn’t wobble either - an issue gamers face quite often with their gaming desks. The sturdy legs give it enough stability so that it stays in place even when there is a heavy load on top.

This is perfect for gamers. You can keep a large mouse pad, two monitors, two keyboards, a CPU tower, another tower on the desk and much more. It is obvious that this desk is made for everyone - whether you are a beginner or a pro gamer with a more sophisticated gaming setup.

Another advantage of the Greenforest desk is that it has a reversible design. This means that the longer board can be placed on either side, giving you more flexibility for better use of the space at home. The desk surface has a textured feeling to it which makes it look and feel like a premium desk. 

The benefit of having a wooden desk is that it doesn’t leave fingerprints or dust marks easily on the surface. This means less headaches and a clean working or gaming space. However, the black colored desk may show marks and fingerprints relatively more, so choose a color carefully. The desk surface is also scratch resistant and preserves its premium feel even after a long period of use. The surface is also waterproof so any spills won’t damage the desk surface. 

You can rest assured that your monitors will be mounted on a stable surface since the desk is made with a solid metal frame and bracket. In addition, the leveling stud further fortifies the desktop construction.

The desk is one of the better quality gaming desks we have reviewed. Many users felt that it was flimsy while assembling it because of how heavy or light the parts felt in their hands. But once set up, it stands firmly with no signs of wobble or weakness.

Note that the corner piece that connects the two pieces on either side is not supported by a leg underneath. So you should not put a heavy load on it, such as a CPU tower. Make sure to keep lightweight items only such as headphones or anything 20 lbs or lighter.

The desk height also goes well with gaming chairs - it is 29.1 inches high which gives you a lot of legroom. You can easily move your chair toward the desk to extend your legs in the open space under the desk. However, the space between the legs of the side table may not be enough to keep your computer tower. The desk itself can hold the tower easily.

The desk also has little footpads that screw into the legs and keep it stable. This allows you to put a heavy load on it without worrying about its stability. On top of that, the legs are adjustable so that the desk stays stable even on uneven surfaces. The only area of improvement we suggest is adding a leg to the corner section so that one can put heavy components on it too. 

Overall, the Greenforest gaming desk is an all-rounder. It comes at an affordable price yet gives you a spacious desktop surface for all-day gameplay, compact fit for small spaces, solid and firm construction and a high weight capacity to accommodate multiple monitors, computer towers and peripherals. Its design is also commendable since its side pieces are reversible and can be attached on either side.


Longboard size: 39” x 18.9”

Short panel size: 25.2” x 18.9”

GreenForest Corner Gaming Desk


  • Better quality at affordable price
  • Sturdy and durable, Large desk area
  • Compact fit for smaller spaces
  • Good cable management
  • Easy to assemble with visual instructions
  • Comes with assembly tools,Instruction manual provided
  • Assembly takes just 30 to 45 minutes
  • Packed well with protection
  • Can accommodate three monitors


  • None as such


GreenForest Corner Gaming Desk is for those who want a reliable, all-rounder, value-for-money gaming desk for under $100. It is perfect for beginner gamers and for those who want a large gaming space for their setup. 

It is a bit surprising to see such a sturdy, good looking and compact desk at such an affordable price. 

What makes it stand out from other L-shaped desks is that it isn’t expensive and doesn’t take a lot of space. 

It is also shockingly too heavy-duty for its price. Users mention putting two monitors, two computer towers, two keyboards and one mouse pad at once on this desk. Talk about efficiency!

The best part is its quality control, which is the real competitive edge at this price point. It has foot pads to ensure that it doesn’t wobble and stays stable on all kinds of surfaces.

Its design is also customizable - you can add the longer desk one either side. You can further customize it with mounts and accessories to modify it to your liking.

What really seals the deal for most gamers is that its build is way sturdier than you’d expect. Hundreds of users vouch for its durability which make it a steal deal at this price!

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