Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming desk is one of the best options for hardcore gamers as well as beginners. This is for many reasons. The first thing that impressed us is its premium quality - everything from the frame to the desktop feels premium. The whole unit is tough and durable. The frame even comes with pre-drilled holes so that assembly can be smooth for everyone. It also comes with some extra screws in case you lose a couple of them during assembly or unboxing.

The desk looks sleek with its stylish T-shaped design. It has a beverage holder on the right to keep you refreshed when you have to play for long hours. This also ensures that you don’t spill your drink on the desk when the game gets intense and aggressive. The cup holder can hold both large and small cups as well as ice cream cups. There is also a headphones hook on the left to keep them within easy reach at all times.

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style

The desk comes in three sizes - 44 inches, 55 inches and 63 inches. So you can pick one based on how much space you need. The desk is made with a high-quality fiberboard and a robust steel frame. You can rest assured the desk will last a long time giving you your money’s worth. 

The desk is really stable and shows no signs of wobbling. Its legs stand firm even when you put two monitors on the desk along with other computer peripherals. The feet can be levelled to stabilize the desk on uneven surfaces. It also comes with a rack to keep your controllers and some games handy. 

What differentiates the Vitesse Gaming Desk from other desks in this list is that it also comes with 4 USB ports which can be used to power up your mouse or keyboard without having to make a messy bundle of cables and to avoid them hanging loose.

To give their customers peace of mind, the company offers a 365-day free replacement or parts guarantee. While this isn’t as long as the warranty provided in other desks, it is better because you get full replacement at no costs.

While some desks have a rather simplistic design, the Vitesse is nothing like them. It looks modern, sharp and aggressive - exactly how you need it to dominate in your game. The desk also comes with a large mouse pad that offers comfort for your wrist even when you play for long hours non-stop.

The desk can support a whopping 260 lbs. of weight. This means you can put two large monitors, a CPU tower as well as other accessories and peripherals without worrying about going overboard. The desk itself weighs 60 lbs, which isn’t too heavy and allows for easy handling during assembly. 

It comes in protective packaging to ensure there is no scratching or physical damage to either the frame or the wooden desktop. The instructions to set up the desk aren’t really detailed - they are a bit too simplistic, so you will have to be patient while setting it up. The pre-drilled holes in the frame are lined up well, which makes it easy to attach different parts to it. The desktop comes as two parts but both are lined up perfectly. 

Assembly is easy and the required tools are included. We like how stable the desk is - it does not wobble, bounce or bow in. We wish though that the instructions were more detailed and easier to follow. 

Overall, the Vitesse Gaming Desk is a premium quality desk for those who want a desktop with high weight capacity and large surface area. It is elegant, spacious and value for money.

Dimensions: 23.6” W × 28.5” H 

Length as per variant: 44 inches, 55 inches or 63 inches.

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style


  • Good build quality, Attractive, modern-looking design
  • Unique leg design keeps it stable
  • Cup holder and headphone hook included
  • 260 lbs. Load capacity
  • 365-day free replacement guarantee
  • Easy to assemble, Comes with assembly tools


  • Instructions for assembly aren’t easy to follow
  • can be priced better


The selling point of Vitesse Gaming Desk is compelling: get premium quality at an effective price. There is no other desk that does this as well as Vitesse.

Customers love it because everything including the desktop, frame and all the hardware are high-quality. The desk is also designed with user experience in mind. And as always, it is these little things that set it apart. Pre-drilled holes that easily match for assembly take away the headache of struggling with alignment and finding the right tools.

It is also a head-turner. It looks sharp and modern - exactly how gamers like their setups. Of course its large 55-inch surface area makes it amazing - you can keep all your gaming stuff on it without feeling cramped up.

It is also stable and doesn’t wobble or move sideways which shows how well quality control is taken care of. It is not just stable, but also heavy-duty. Users report putting three monitors along with heavy mounts on it without any hassles.

The giant mouse pad that covers the entire desk makes the deal even sweeter. Again, this is a feature not many gaming desks have.

So if you want premium quality build and a feature-rich desk, just go for it.

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