FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk Review & Buyers Guide

FlexiSpot Electric Desk is a compelling choice for those who want an awesome gaming desk with a minimal design. The desk is robust - it is made out of industrial-grade steel that makes it more durable than most desks in the market. The solid desktop further fortifies its construction and makes it super sturdy at 154 lbs. of weight. 

The desk has a large surface area measuring 55 inches x 28 inches. This large area allows you to keep many gaming components and peripherals without worrying about space. You can allocate space as your gaming setup evolves and takes on more components.

FlexiSpot Stand Up Electric Height Adjustable Desk

A unique feature of the FlexiSpot desk is its electrical height adjustment system. While other desks require you to undo the bolts and manually adjust the height, this desk makes this process much easier. Its motor lift functionality allows you to adjust height smoothly without standing up in the middle of gaming. You can set the height anywhere from 28 inches to 47.6 inches. The speed of height adjustment is 1 inch per second and it makes a very low noise of 1 decibel while running.

Another cool feature of the FlexiSpot gaming desk is its LED memory control panel. It has a 7-button controller that has 3 memory presets which you can program to have three desk heights of your preference. This allows you to go from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. It is also cool that the FlexiSpot desk can be used as a sitting or standing desk - it promotes better health and keeps you alert throughout the day whether you are working or gaming.

There is a five year warranty on the desk frame, motor and other mechanisms. In addition, there is a two year warranty on the controller, switch and electronics.

Users love the design of the desk because it is simple and allows them to put their legs underneath the desk comfortably. There are no protruding frame parts that will hit your legs or make things uncomfortable. 

Users also love how affordable this desk is - it costs almost half of the other electrical desks in the market. They love how quiet the motor is - it gives a luxurious feeling while using the desk and makes the gaming setup look cool. This is the Honda Accord of gaming desks and as competent as the other BMWs which don’t have better utility, just slight improvements and that “bling” factor.

The setup is straightforward and quick. The instruction manual is easy to follow and allows you to assemble it without any hassles. However, one user mentioned that the step 2 of installation is a bit tricky. The instruction manual doesn’t say how long the crossbeam should be when installed. Also note that the company doesn’t provide a screw driver for installation.

We wish the instruction manual was more accurate so that customers wouldn’t run into any problems. Many customers reported how the motor drive burnt out early. However, there are many reviews online that correct the installation process saving other users the hassle. 

The length matters because the crossbeam has to line up with the screw holes on the underside of the table top. So make sure that you measure the distance between the screw holes on the underside of the table top before installing the crossbeam.

On the positive side, there is no wobble in the desk. Even when set at the highest desk level, it stands firm and gives you a stable platform to do gaming on. We like how rugged its legs and feet are - one look at them and you know they are going to last many years.

Although it is not a drawback, there are no sensors on the bottom to look for obstacles when adjusting the desk height. If you are not careful, this could damage the desk as well as your belongings.

Its up and down buttons for adjustment are easy to press and responsive. The up and down movement is smooth and quiet.

Overall, the FlexiSpot is a great gaming desk for those who want a minimal yet efficient design with solid build quality and advanced adjustment features. This desk also leaves optimal space underneath to stretch your legs and make yourself comfortable.

Dimensions: 55” x 28” Surface 

Height: 28” to 47.6” Adjustable

FlexiSpot Stand Up Electric Height Adjustable Desk

source : flexispot.com


  • Solid build quality, Affordable & Heavy duty
  • Empty space under to stretch your legs
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Can be used as a standing desk
  • Long warranty period
  • 3 programmable memory presets
  • 154 lbs. weight capacity


  • Assembly instruction #2 in the manual isn’t accurate
  • No pre-drilled holes for the control box


FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk is for those who want a minimal design for their gaming setup along with height adjustment at the touch of a button. What makes it stand out is the value for money that it provides. It gives you ample space underneath to keep your CPU tower as well as extend your legs or slide your gaming chair underneath it.

At an affordable price, you get an electric lift system to adjust the height and convert it into a standing desk. Given that most gamers spend countless hours on their desks every week, using a standing desk increases blood flow, takes care of their health and improves well-being - something that almost all desks forget about. Many gamers have reported how this desk helped with their back pain problems since it promotes a better posture.

Since it is so minimalistic, it allows gamers to customize it as they like. You can attach monitor arms, surge protection strips, adhesive clips for cable management and more.

This is a great minimalistic package for gamers that love the idea of a convertible standing desk.

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