Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Pro Gaming Desk is one of the best computer or gaming desks you can buy for the money. It is a 43.5 inch desk that comes in a minimalistic design to help you build a great gaming setup with zero clutter.

It has lots of legroom so you can make yourself comfortable for those long gaming sessions no matter how big or small you are. You can easily fit a gaming chair under it and play for hours on without noticing any signs of discomfort in your wrist or legs. It does not wobble at all, there is zero movement during game play even when you get really aggressive.


Overall, it is easy to assemble - just follow the instruction manual and take it one step at a time. However, some users struggle with one or two steps. The assembly is fast too unlike other gaming desks which take forever to set up. The welds are a bit messy but come with plastic cladding. You can cut down time to assemble the desk with hex bits for a ratcheting screwdriver. 

The desk also has a sleek looking design with Z-shaped legs that make it stand apart from other similar desks. The Z-shaped design looks cool and youthful - and brings a fresh energy to your room decor. The Z-shaped legs also serve another purpose - they prevent your legs from bumping into the frame since the desk itself isn’t too wide.

In the product photos and based on the price, the desk doesn’t seem very sturdy but it will actually surpass your expectations when it comes to build quality. Users love how spacious it is despite being compact and an easy fit in small spaces. It is sturdy yet lightweight - which makes it easy to handle during assembly and later when you want to move it from one spot to the other.

It comes with lights that make it look more like a gaming desk than any other desk we have reviewed. It is a nice touch that makes things more interesting. The RGB LED lights glow with 6 colors on the sides of the desk as well as the legs. You can either set the lights for a single-color light show or a multi-color light show.

The desk comes with a headphone hook that allows you to keep the headphones within easy reach and store them easily when you want to leave the desk for a while. There is also a cup holder to keep you refreshed with your favorite beverage to annihilate your virtual enemies and celebrate each win. 

It also has a controller stand on top that can store two controllers. Below the controller storage rack, there is another rack to store your games. The company has gone the extra mile to offer high value for money to their customers and it shows. 

The desk supports monitors up to 40 inches. The desk surface is 44.5 inches in width and 24.2 inches in depth. It takes about 30 mins to assemble the desk. The setup isn’t annoying and doesn’t require you to visualize different configurations in your head like with other desks that come with poor instructions.

One downside of this desk is its front edge. It isn’t rounded like in the Ironstone desk reviewed above. It is a perpendicular and does not go that easy on your wrists. So getting a keyboard wrist rest will do wonders in terms of comfort.

Overall, the gaming desk is great for those who are short on space. There are few desks in the market that utilize space as efficiently as this one. It is perfect for bedrooms since you can put it in a small spot without crowding the rest of the space.

Dimensions: 44.5” Width x 24.2” Depth



  • Solid quality, better than expected
  • LED lights for a unique design
  • Perfect for compact spaces
  • Z-shaped legs enhance legroom
  • Stable - no wobble, no sideways movement
  • Controller stand, Cup holder & Headphone hook


  • Some steps of the assembly can be hard
  • Material quality could be better


Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Pro Gaming Desk is for those who want a heavy-duty, minimalistic gaming desk that can fit in a small space. Its carbon fiber finish is a rare feature when you compare it to other gaming desks. 

Another feature that stands out is its RGB lights that allow you to choose between six colors to light up the desktop as well as the desk’s legs. Users have reported how the lights make the desk ‘come to life’ and are an instant mood lifter when you want to enjoy a game after a long and boring day.

The desk is designed to be user-friendly. Z-shaped legs to open up the leg room, headphone hook to always keep a high vibe and cup holder to stay refreshed even through long hours of gaming - everything is meticulously designed.

Despite the features, what makes this desk a winner is its large surface area despite it being able to fit in a compact space. So if you want a desk that lights up and has nice features, the Eureka Ergonomic Z1S is the one to go for.

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