DELL S3220DGF Monitor Piatto per PC 80 cm (31.5″) 2560 x 1440 Pixel – Fastest SDR Gaming Monitor

Dell S3220DGF is one of the better gaming monitors in the market. If you want a high-quality monitor at a mid-range price, this is one of the best options for you. It also strikes the perfect balance between a monitor that is too large and one that is too small. At 32 inches, this gaming monitor is just right to have an amazing gaming experience without taking too much space on your desk. 

However, this monitor is no lightweight. It weighs 34 lbs and measures 28 x 19 x 10 inches, which means it still takes significant space. Once set up though, it looks premium and elegant. Its 1800R curved design makes it look effortlessly good.

It comes with multiple presets, so you can use them for different game genres. Its menu is a bit hard to navigate, but it offers a lot of settings which helps you nail the perfect display configuration for your preferences. 

Since this monitor is a bit heavy, you need a high quality desk to keep it. A flimsy desk will not be able to hold its weight over time. But it also shows how good is its build quality. It feels sturdy and has an excellent finish - there are no panel gaps or loose ends.

The screen is big at 32 inches and it provides that immersive gaming experience that all gamers crave. The best thing is that you don’t need a second monitor when you have one 32 inch large monitor. The monitor offers 322 nits of brightness in regular mode and 442 when you turn HDR on. Its color production and accuracy is better than most gaming monitors and that is why it deserves a spot in our top picks. It delivers 133 percent of the sRGB color spectrum with Delta-E of 0.2 for color accuracy - both of which are amazing.

Note that 32 inch monitors are best when you have 4k resolution. But the Dell S3220DGF isn’t 4k, it is 1440p. So it doesn’t handle quad HD resolution significantly better than smaller 27” monitors. So keep in mind that bigger size doesn’t mean better graphic quality.

DELL S3220DGF Monitor Piatto per PC 80 cm 31.5 2560 x 1440 Pixel


    •    Solid build quality

    •    Elegant design

    •    Very low input lag

    •    165 Hz refresh rate makes gameplay             fluid

    •    1440p resolution is vivid

    •    Extraordinary gray uniformity

    •    Excellent contrast ratio

    •    Brightness is good

    •    Color production is impressive

    •    Easy assembly and take down

    •    Multiple ports for connectivity

    •    FreeSync reduces screen tearing

    •    Low motion blur 


    •    Response time is decent, but could               be better

    •    No local dimming

    •    Bad viewing angles

    •    No portrait mode

It comes with multiple ports for seamless connectivity across a range of devices. It has
    •    1 DisplayPort

    •    2 HDMI ports

    •    3 USB ports

    •    3.5 mm audio jacks one for line-in, one for line-out

The downside is that the ports aren’t easily accessible since the monitor does not tilt much in any direction. This is disappointing since you would expect Dell to provide a better user experience.

You may want to upgrade your graphics card to use the full potential of its frame rate. 

Assembling this monitor is easy and does not require any tools. The stand on which it sits is heavy and once planted on it, the monitor does not wobble. It is great that you can adjust the monitor for height and swivel since it helps you get the most out of its screen, no matter which angle you are sitting in.

The monitor allows you to change the response rate, HDR mode and program shortcut keys for specific configurations. There are eight color presets you can pick from. You can configure three game profiles with your preferred color settings and store them for future use. Moreover, you can also configure a general custom color profile.

There are four HDR modes available: Desktop, Movie HDR, Game HDR and Display HDR. One can also turn off HDR altogether if they want. But you won’t notice much difference between modes, since all of them look sufficient and rich with color. 

You can also choose between three response times - fast, super fast and extreme. These response times get you best results when your refresh rate is 144 Hz or 165 Hz. The fast mode works better with lower refresh rates like 60 Hz. Super Fast, on the other hand, works well for higher refresh rates. Note that Extreme leads to a little bit of ghosting, so it is better to keep it to Super Fast.

The display is FreeSync 2 and not officially G-Sync compatible. So we don’t recommend that you set it for G-sync settings specifically. This can cause black screens and flickering. However, some users were able to enable this function by reducing the refresh rate to 144 Hz or lower.

The Game Enhance mode displays the refresh rate on the monitor so you can switch between custom resolutions easily. 

Note that the Dell S3220DGF comes with a VA panel which offers superb contrast but doesn’t have as good viewing angles as an IPS panel. So it depends on what you want - contrast or viewing angles. Dell’s warranty is also amazing since you can replace your unit with a new one even if there is a single pixel that’s not working properly.


So overall, this monitor is good for those who want an upgrade to an HDR display. If you are on a budget, this is one of the better gaming monitors you can buy. It doesn’t take much space on your desk even with the stand. Its low input lag and high refresh rates make things responsive. Its fast response times keep the motion blue low in dynamic, action-packed sequences.

The monitor also has a high contrast ratio which means you can see black colors even in a dark room.  On the downside, its viewing angles aren’t good. So if you look at it from the side, the colors won’t look good. Its peak brightness is decent and it handles reflections well enough too, which ensures image clarity when the room has moderate amount of light, but can be problematic if light falls directly onto the screen.

But if you can find an ultra wide display that is compatible with DisplayHDR1000 specs, you would be better off buying that. Its 165 Hz rate also overshadows the 144Hz refresh rate that you see on a lot of other monitors. Its Freesync 2 technology also makes the screen more responsive and reduces screen tearing. we suggest you to club in a nice gaming chair with this monitor for a better experience.

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