Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair Review & Buyers Guide

The Corsair T3 Rush is an excellent gaming chair with some unique and high-quality features. Corsair makes some amazing gaming chairs but the T3 Rush is something different. This is primarily due to its fabric finish, which is different from what you see on most gaming chairs.

The T3 Rush has a bucket style seat that allows gamers to get that cozy feeling of being hugged while sitting for long hours. Similar gaming chairs feature PU leather construction, but the company had something different in mind for the T3 Rush. They decided to make the fabric different from all the gaming chairs. The chair has a soft cloth exterior that gives amazing levels of comfort and keeps you fresh for a long time.

Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

It comes with memory foam lumbar support that supports your lower back and ensures that you don’t get sore or have back pain even from all-day gaming. A padded neck cushion takes care of your neck and keeps a gentle support around it. The chair comes in three variants - Charcoal, Charcoal/White and Charcoal/Grey.

Although the chair comes with a memory foam lumbar support cushion, we would have liked a built-in lumbar support in this chair. The lumbar pillow also doesn’t get attached to the chair, so it only stays in position when you are sitting with your back touching the backrest. This can be annoying in the beginning. You would have to put it back in place every time you lean back.

The chair reclines from 90 to 180 degrees, so you can rest on the chair itself when you are tired after a long and hard gaming session. You can recline without worrying about it tipping over. The base is sturdy and stable - you always feel comfortable.

The 5-star base is strong but it is made of plastic instead of high-quality metal. This is done to keep the costs low, but raises concern about the chair’s durability. If you want a metal base chair which will last more, go for the SecretLab Omega or the SecretLab Titan. Although the Corsair’s frame is made of steel which powers its backrest and seat, the plastic base is lacking quality.

The caster wheels are made of plastic too - which isn’t an issue but they come with a dual wheel design. This design is known to leave scratches on floors. So you need to put a chair mat under it to avoid damage to your floor. You can’t jump into this chair because of its plastic base - it will be too risky. You may be thinking, what is the point of it all and why so much cost cutting? But when you think about it, the company gives a full recline, 4D armrests (which are game changers in themselves). 

The armrests work well when you want to tilt the chair since you can put them all the way down. And when you are using a remote controller, you may want them to go all the way back to support your elbows. Such adjustments are easy with 4D armrests.

The seat is height adjustable - you can change the height within a range of 1 cm. This height adjustment is powered by a Class 4 gas lift - the best kind of gas lift you can get on a gaming chair. The seats have enough foam inside them, but the foam is still less than that in Corsair’s other gaming chairs. The seat is firm but comfortable once you get used to it. Still, it would be better if the chair had more padding. The seat frame can be felt when you touch the seat bolsters. So you can sit comfortably with your feet on the floor but not with the legs folded on the chair. If you have wide hips, it would get even more difficult to sit this way. 

What makes the chair fabric amazing though is how breathable it is. You can play for hours and still won’t get hot  or sweaty. It is more breathable than the PU leather material that most gaming chairs are made out of. The cost of this breathable fabric is that it needs more maintenance - you need to clean it regularly and it is more susceptible to taking on dust.

Assembling the Corsair T3 Rush is easy and just takes about half an hour from unboxing to finish. The chair is also relatively lightweight since it is just about 50 lbs. You can assemble it on your own since there are no complex steps to its assembly. Assembling it only involves putting in 10 screws. 4 of them come pre-fitted so that you don’t struggle figuring it all out on your own. It is also good that the armrests come pre-fitted. So the only things you need to install into the seat are the chair base and the back support.

Another thing which helps with assembly is that the company provides all the tools in the package - including an allen wrench and a screwdriver.

An amazing thing about the Corsair T3 Rush is that its unique fabric design makes it fit for office use. You can attend your zoom calls in this chair without having your boss think you spend too much time on gaming. 

T3 Rush is not for those who want a large seating area that suits their big physique. This is because of its bucketed design.

Overall, the T3 Rush gaming chair is a decent chair with better features than other chairs in its segment. It is for those who want premium features like 4D armrests and full recline on a budget. These features come at the cost of thinner padding and plastic base construction. The material is more breathable than most chairs, which makes it suitable for those looking for a gaming chair with fabric construction.

Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair


  • Unique fabric material
  • Headrest pillow attached with a strap
  • Memory foam lumbar support
  • Premium features
  • Superior breathability
  • Doubles as an office chair


  • Plastic base, plastic wheels
  • Lumbar pillow isn’t attached


The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair is for those who don’t want a regular gaming chair that comes with a bucket style seat and bright color scheme.

This is for those who want comfort over everything else. The fabric upholstery is more breathable than leather gaming chairs and keeps you refreshed and alert during crucial moments while gaming.

It also comes with other comfort features like memory foam lumbar pillow to make things better. However, it disappoints us with a plastic base that holds the entire weight. Sure it comes with many comfort features, but reliability is our top priority while testing a product. 

So it is not going to be as durable as a metal chair. On top of that, it also has thinner foam as compared to other chairs.

What makes it worth it then? The only reason one would buy the T3 Rush is because of its fabric upholstery and good comfort levels. If you don’t want to sit in a leather chair and want something more breathable, the T3 Rush is for you.

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