Samsung CRG9 49-inch Curved Gaming Monitor – Best 4k Gaming Monitor

The Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor is a great gaming monitor for those who want a high-end gaming monitor. This gigantic 49-inch monitor is for those who want nothing but the best. It is capable of providing a rich and immersive gaming experience, with no detail lost.

Samsung threw all the competitors under water with this monitor. While the rest of the manufacturers were going crazy over ultra-wide monitors, Samsung rolled out a super-ultra-wide, 49-inch monitor that is hard to compete with.

Samsung CRG9 49-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Its Dual QHD resolution with 5120 x 1440 definition makes you fall in love with the screen. The monitor has a brightness rating of 1,000 nits and DCI-P3 of 95%, which gives the best color production in the segment with accurate and detailed colors. Add to that the 32:9 aspect ratio, the CRG9’s screen is as immersive as it gets.

The monitor’s design is also worth some praise. The top and side bezels are frameless, which are essentially super thin bezels around the edges. However, the panel has still black bezels on it. The bezel is thicker on the bottom and has some buttons to control the monitor’s settings.

Keep in mind that assembling the monitor is a bit hard due to its sheer size and weight. But it looks amazing once set up. The stand takes a lot of space, so the monitor sits forward on your desk. This essentially leaves a lot of space behind the monitor. On the positive side, the monitor is fully adjustable - it includes swivel, height and tilt adjustments. 

We like that the monitor stand comes with space for cable management. So all the messy cables can be tucked behind the monitor, leaving your gaming desk in pristine condition.

What annoyed us while testing the monitor is that it is a bit wobbly. We didn’t expect Samsung would leave this design flaw in such an expensive monitor. Yet, on the bright side, this doesn’t hamper the monitor’s performance by any means.

The monitor comes with many ports for connectivity. It has HDMI port, DisplayPorts, Headphone and mic jacks, USB ports.

The monitor also has a cool on screen feature that allows you to organize all your windows for multi-tasking.

What blew our mind was its VA panel. With the 5120 x 1440 resolution, there is no other monitor that comes close to it. However, its 120 Hz could be higher since the older model, Samsung’s CHG90 had a 144 Hz refresh rate. But we still didn’t mind the slightly lower refresh rate because the monitor has an insane resolution.

Its HDR 1000 performs better than other HDR monitors. Its brightness level reaches a maximum of 400 nits, which isn’t anything extraordinary, but still works well. On top of that it has FreeSync 2, so it eliminates any screen tearing and provides a smooth gaming experience. This is because a single screen frame doesn’t get fed multiple frames as it happens in poor quality monitors that have screen tearing.

What really impressed us is its 32:9 resolution. It delivers a rich and immersive gaming experience, one that keeps you engrossed as if you are sitting in your own mini-theatre. However, you should keep your expectations realistic with its super ultra wide screen. The transition from ultra wide to super ultra wide isn’t as impactful as that from regular 16:9 to ultrawide.

In fact, this is a small but important detail since many gamers may pay the steep price thinking they will get a 10x better screen than ultrawide. But this isn’t true. The sides of the monitor have a fish-eye effect, which can feel a bit hard to adjust to in the beginning. The trick is to focus on the center and “allow” the sides to fill in your peripheral vision.

Sometimes you may want to switch the field of view when it feels a bit unnatural. This, however, can be easily managed. The tough part is to run these gazillions of pixels on a graphic card you can actually afford.

If there is one thing the Samsung CRG9 excels at, it is its color production. Its colors are truly unmatched when compared to its competition. You can turn off the HDR mode to see how powerful and rich its color production is. The QLED technology really brings out true, rich colors that feel amazing during gameplay. 

When pitched against other monitors, the monitor doesn’t have significant ghosting, which means it preserves each frame, which makes the graphics richer and better. Note that the monitor’s local dimming is only available with HDR content and it doesn’t satiate gamers since you can see its effect on the handful of available edge-lit areas. A better implementation of the backlight could have made the HDR feature wholesome.

Not only the monitor provides an amazing gaming experience, there is also a lot of room to do regular desktop work. Since it is equivalent to two 16:9 screens, you can pop up as many as four windows simultaneously and do regular work without worrying about on screen space.

Samsung CRG9 49-inch Curved Gaming Monitor


  • Super large screen 49”
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 5120 x 1440 resolution
  • 32:9 aspect ratio
  • Frameless design
  • Unparallelled color production
  • QLED technology delivers true colors
  • Multiple ports for connectivity


  • Takes up too much space in the rear due to its size
  • Local dimming needs to be improved


Overall, the Samsung CRG9 is an amazing monitor which has the best technology money can buy. Its 32:9 ratio, 5120 x 1440 resolution and unparalleled color production delivers an immersive gaming experience like no other. It has enough screen space to run four windows simultaneously for desktop work too which makes it a great productivity tool as well. Its input lag is really low at 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes fast motion gameplay highly responsive and smooth.

The monitor is also good for multitasking since its dual quad HD resolution gives you enough real estate. Its brightness is impressive and makes things amazing. Its large curved display provides a different level of immersion that you don’t get with flat screen monitors. Although its VA panel does well in many aspects, it still lacks in viewing angles.

The downside is that it is really expensive and a bit hard to drive. So only people with a lot of money will consider it. Another drawback is that your PC should have a high-end graphic unit to make the most out of it. If you have a mid-range unit, you will only get mediocre performance.

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