Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review and Buyers Guide

Arozzi Arena is a high-quality desk you can buy to take your gaming setup to the next level. At first glance, the desk looks really simple since it comes with no racks or shelves - just one horizontal desk to keep things on. 

Although it looks simple, it doesn’t come cheap. The Arena is fairly expensive. But there are many reasons we think it is worth the price. First, it has a large surface area on the desk which allows you to keep three monitors.

This is amazing since many desks can only accommodate two monitors at most, that too small ones in some cases. This is because of its 5 ft. 3 in. surface width. The desk has 80 cm or 2 ft. 7.5 in. depth provides a lot of room to keep peripherals like mouse, keyboard and other devices. 

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

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You can adjust the seat height manually by loosening the screws and using your physical strength to make height adjustment. This is great for those who want a precise desk height for their gaming setup. 

The downside is that it doesn’t come with any racks to keep your peripherals so everything is crowded on the same surface. Now, this won’t be a problem if you can adopt a minimalistic approach. After all, when it comes to gaming setups, less is more.

The desk can accommodate a total of 176 lbs. of weight. But note that the weight has to be evenly distributed - you can’t place all the heavy load on either side.

The desk is highly portable since the top and frame can be separated into three individual sections. When packed into the box, it weighs 100 lbs - not exactly lightweight but compact enough to be stowed easily.

The desk comes with a custom mouse pad surface that has a microfiber cloth on it. It is quite substantial at 7 lbs, so it doesn’t slip while gaming. The mouse pad has a thick padding which allows you to feel comfortable even when playing for long hours. You won’t have a sore wrist or arm after hours of playing. The mouse pad is 5 mm thick which makes it super comfortable. 

This surface is also water resistant, so if you happen to spill a drink while gaming, it won’t create any problems. The best part is that this custom mouse pad is machine washable, so you can have a fresh feeling while using it even after months or years of use.

The Arozzi Arena comes in five interesting colors - red, blue, green, white and black. So there is a color for everyone. One important thing gamers look for in a desk is efficient cable management and the Arozzi Arena takes good care of it. 

It comes with three cutouts in the desk and three mouse pad surfaces which can be used to hide cables from different components. There is a net underneath that can be used to keep the cables coming from the keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Note that the frame in the Arozzi desk is not a single piece of aluminum. In fact, it is made with many pieces that have to be bolted in. This means that if you put pressure in a particular area, there will be some wobble.

Some users struggled with the wobble of the desk. But you can easily resolve it if you properly tighten the feet using the allen wrench that comes in the package. The company has also published a video to help with assembly - so use it to do proper setup and eliminate most, if not all, of the wobbling.

Also note that the Arozzi Arena has two legs, one on either side. So it is not as fixed in its structure as some of the other desks in the market. It can slightly sway side to side when moved, so be aware of this before you buy the desk.

Overall, the Arozzi Arena is a well-made desk which shows the beauty and efficiency of Swedish design. From machine washable mouse pad to a net underneath for cable management, the design team has put a lot of thought into making the desk as user-friendly as possible.


   •    Large surface accommodates three               big monitors

    •    Aesthetic Swedish design

    •    2 ft. 8.25 in. depth gives plenty of                 room to play

    •    Efficient cable management

    •    Custom padded mouse pad

    •    Machine washable mousepad

    •    Height adjustable

    •    Supports up to 176 lbs. of weight


    •    No racks or shelves 

    •    Slight wobble since the frame                         consists of multiple pieces


If the style of the Tribesigns Gaming Desk seemed too bulky to you and you want something simple and sleek, the Arozzi Arena is a great option. It doesn’t come with any shelves but a large surface area so you can store three monitors. This is amazing since most desks are able to hold two monitors. 

The custom mouse pad is non-slip and is large enough to provide comfortable usage. The surface is also spill resistant, so the desk won’t mind if your drink spills when you get too excited. We love that it comes with a dedicated net for cable management. Because cable management is the key to clean and attractive gaming setups.

When you think about whether it is worth it, you have to look at what’s the alternative. You can buy the DXRacer gaming desk, which costs about the same. But the DXRacer desk is smaller and doesn’t have as good cable management system as the Arozzi Arena. Features like these make the Arozzi Arena the best in its segment.

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