AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair Review & Buyers Guide

AKRacing Core Series EX is one of the best gaming chairs in the market. There are many reasons it is in our top picks.

The outer material on the front and back is fabric instead of PU leather, which makes it different from most gaming chairs in the market. This fabric makes the chair more breathable than other gaming chairs. 

Inside the outer fabric, there is high-density cold-cured foam padding. The foam is thick enough to provide long hours of comfort. It isn’t too firm, nor too soft. It is also durable. Solid metal frame makes this chair sturdy and durable. There is no padding on the back of the chair - the padding is only in places where the body comes in contact with the chair. The padding is quite dense which keeps people comfortable for a long time.

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

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There is a five-year long warranty on the craftsmanship of the chair and 10-year long warranty on the frame. This shows how well the chair is made. It is going to last a long time.

The AKRacing Core Series EX can accommodate a staggering 330 lbs. of weight. This weight capacity shows how sturdy the chair is. However, for maximum comfort, the company recommends a weight range of 130 to 250 lbs. However, this is not a “fat guy” chair - so if you are big and heavy, look for another chair which is wide and sturdy enough to accommodate your weight. 

You can even buy the AKRacing’s Masters Max since it can hold up to 400 lbs. of weight. The weight capacity is ideal for those with a BMI of up to 29. There is another variant of this chair, the AKRacing Core EX-Wide, which has a wider seat for users who are bigger and wider in size.

The chair comes with headrest and lumbar pillows - both of which are adjustable. This is awesome since you don’t have to reposition them every time you lean back. They can also be removed. The lumbar pillow slides along two elastic straps that allow you to adjust it up and down. The seat height can be adjusted from 16.9 inches to 20.2 inches using a lever located on the bottom right side.

The chair comes with 3D armrests, which is one of the best features a gaming chair could have. 3D armrests allow you to move them all the way back when you want to use a controller or all the way down when you want to lean back. 

3D means that the armrests can be adjusted in three directions - you can also change the distance between the armrests and the sides of the chair. The armrests can also move up and down by pulling the handle that is there under each armrest. You can also slide the armrests back and forth and pivot them left or right while keeping them in a flat position.

The seat and backrest comes with useful adjustability features as well. The seat can be adjusted for height with a heavy-duty gas lift system. The chair has the 360-degree swivel feature too, to allow freedom of movement.

The chair’s recline system can go as far back as 180 degrees which allows you to even take a nap in between games or just lean back to relax once in a while. However, if you are on the heavier side of its weight range, you have to be careful since it feels a bit tippy at times. Although a 180-degree recline sounds great, it comes at the cost of stability. 

Its adjustable tilt angle varies from 3 to 18 degrees - you can rock back and forth without worrying about it tipping over because of how sturdy and stable it is. Keep in mind that the chair does not come with a tilt angle lock.

One thing worth pointing out is that the fabric is not better than PU leather - it is just more breathable. PU leather is, in fact, more smooth and feels more premium than this fabric. Moreover, the chair could use more foam padding, since it currently feels a bit slim.

Overall, the AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair is for those who want a premium level of adjustability in their chair at an affordable price. It is also for those who want something different than a regular faux leather gaming chair. It also features sturdy metal construction, which is a step up from the Corsair’s T3 Rush gaming chair.


    •    Solid build quality

    •    Breathable chair fabric

    •    3D adjustable armrests

    •    Affordable price, premium features

    •    180-degree recline

    •    Headrest and lumbar pillows, both                 adjustable

    •    Long warranty

    •    Value for money

    •    Long-term durability

    •    Heavy-duty gas lift system


    •    Not stable at 180-degree incline

    •    Fabric upholstery not as smooth as               PU leather

    •    Could use more padding


If you are tired of seeing PU leather gaming chairs everywhere and want something different, the AKRacing Core EX is a compelling option. It comes with a mesh fabric upholstery instead of the usual PU leather that isn’t as comfortable. Although the fabric doesn’t feel as premium as PU leather, it makes this chair less costly than most gaming chairs. It is also much more breathable than typical PU leather, which ensures that you stay cool and dry in summer.

Even at an affordable price, the chair comes with amazing features. It is heavy duty too and can hold up to 330 lbs. of weight.

What sells this chair is the fact that it has all the typical gaming chair features at a cheaper price. It has metal frame construction, recline feature and 3D armrest adjustment. So you can get high-end comfort on a budget.

If you don’t mind paying more and want premium quality materials, check the Secretlab Titan that comes with dense foam padding and premium PU leather that is 4x sturdier than the leather used in most gaming chairs.

Overall, the AKRacing Core EX is a rare gaming chair that offers an overwhelming value for money and long-term durability. If your budget is limited, close your eyes and buy it!

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