Zach’s College Setup

Zach's College Setup


  • Acer v243hd 23″ Wide Screen

Sound/Home Theater System:

  • Theater Sound Bar


  • Custom Xbox 360 Elite
  • Xbox 360 Slim MW3 Limited Edition 320G Hard Drive

Entertainment Center:

  • Computer desk with custom monitor mount me and my friend fabricated in our metal shop


  • Gunnar glasses
  • Cords for DVI display


  • Cod 4
  • MW2 hardend edition
  • MW3 collectors edition
  • Black ops II
  • WOW up to Mist of Pandaria
  • Tomb Raider Collectors Edition
  • Halo 1-4, Reach
  • ODST
  • CE
  • Forza 3 and Horizon
  • Assassin’s creed 3

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My Gaming Set Up

My Gaming Set Up

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