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Jared’s Gaming Setup

Jared's Gaming Setup


  • Main display: Sony Bravia RM ED045
  • Secondary Display: Dell Inspiration Duo
  • Portable device displays: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy S2

Sound/Home Theater System

  • Sony AMP RM U215 (5 Channel)
    • 2 Front Sony Speaker, Center Sony Speaker, 4 Rear Speakers, with Sony Sub Woofer in the front.
    • TV jack to twin phono output into Sony Sound Equalizer then to AMP
    • PS3 Digital Optical to AMP
    • PS4 Digital Optical to AMP
    • Tuner twin phono to AMP
    • jack (phone/ tablet) to Amp
    • Dell computer jack to TV


  • Home Made desk with simple wooden chair.


  • Sony PS3
  • Sony PS4


  • Kay-bored
  • Mouse

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