PeekyFlea’s PC Gaming Setup

PeekyFlea's PC Gaming Setup

Hi guys! Please put what I need to do to improve on my setup. Normally, my laptop goes where the phone was covering up the wires and the light. Please leave a comment telling me what I should do or get. Thanks to all!


  • Hitachi TV monitor

Sound/Home Theater System

  • Bose speaker


  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Philips led light
  • Saturn waterproof keyboard.
  • Razor Deathadder Gaming Mouse


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  1. Maybe get a good monitor and try das keyboards or gaming race keyboards maybe better led lights for whole desk a better sound system better placement of objects on desk and maybe try a full desk mouse mat but those lights in the back are just horrible in my opinion and unnecessary space wasted try a strip. plus build or by a phone stand it will help

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