Churdy Bird’s Gaming Setup 2016

Churdy Bird's Gaming Setup 2016
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A little backstory:

So 3 years ago, I received a prebuilt HP computer as a gift from a friend. It was an astonishing $900 equipped with an i7 4770, a 300W PSU, 8 gb ram, 1 TB HDD, and a measly gt720 (lol). At the time, I had a boring hp mouse/keyboard, no headset, generic speakers, and a 900p monitor (eww).

I have added numerous upgrades to it over the years and I think I am at the final form I want it to be at. About $2,000 later I have upgraded the graphics card twice, upgraded to dual monitors, mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, upgraded to a 600W PSU, replaced HDD with an SSD, upgraded to 16gb ram and bought a nice headset.

I am much more into games now than I was then so I find all of this $$$ spent well worth it.
Basically, upgraded everything except the CPU since it was already a great CPU. My next PC I will definitely build the whole thing but I think this is a pretty good PC that was originally prebuilt.

Final Specs:
i7 4770 @ 3.4 GHz
16 GB ram DDR3
512 GB SSD (850 Pro)


  • Acer K272HUL (2560 x 1440) (60 Hz overclocked to 75 Hz) (Primary Monitor)
  • Acer R240HY (1920 x 1080) (60hz) (Secondary monitor)


  • Corsair Scimitar MMO Gaming Mouse
  • Corsair K70 keyboard (Cherry red switches)
  • Corsair Void RGB USB Headset

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