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Jareds Gaming Setup

by iCH3LS3Ax - PS3 · PS4 - 1063 Views

hi my name is jared and i am 17 nearly 18 and i am a huge fan of Sony. and i am also really into music. so i always want a good sound system set up.



by LOZBOI - PS3 · PS4 - 1655 Views

Hey im LOZBOI, i have an awesome setup ive been working on for a long time, i love games, they are my hobby. I have 2 ps3, i know it sounda like a lot but trust me it has its functions, the black ps3 hass all my games for online play, my red is hacked with all the story games, racing, sporta games, ps move games to play with friends. I have the red hooked up to a 1tb hard drive for ultimate storage for games. This setup is completely gaming and movies. I just got the ps4 and it is incredible! I have a laptop that also runs games and uses the ps3 controller to play on pc, I hook it up into the tv and watch 3d movies and have another 1 tb hd for my computer for thousands of hi def movies. I controll all of it with my ipad or my iphone as a controller for PC theatre. My pc setup will be added soon and more pictures! I still want to add more to my setup but for now it is incredible !

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